Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Big Day

Last Monday was a big day around here. Not just because FSU won the final BCS National Championship, but because we found out that baby number three is a boy!

It didn't matter to us whether it was a boy or girl, especially since we already have one of each. All through my first trimester I was just sure that is was a girl, but around 14 weeks or so, I stopped having that feeling and just wasn't sure. What another boys means though is that naming him is a lot easier! We've had another boy name at the ready since I was pregnant with Lorelai, Benjamin Henry. Shawn and I could just not agree on girl names at all. Every name I suggested Shawn just wasn't sure about, either he didn't like or he would like it one day, then not the next, then like it again later. Any name Shawn suggested, I hated. He was suggesting names like Jessica and Michelle, names that I find too common and that are names I see as being those of our peers and not those that our peers would name their children, you know?
Yes, I know William and Benjamin are both common male names, but they are older, classics even! I'm definitely pickier when it comes to girl names, Shawn thinks he is too but really? Jessica? :P

Little Things Matter,

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