Monday, August 31, 2015

13 Running Mantras to Get You Through

Heyo! How was your weekend? Did you run or ride long this weekend?
My achilles has started acting up, so instead of a 9 mile run yesterday, I had a 19 mile bike ride. My achilles started feeling like this during my half-marathon training last year, but was better in time for my race. I think I remember enough of what I learned in physical therapy to not have to go back. I really think it's from carrying Ben on the same side all the time and now that I'm walking Will to school and back every day, I'm carrying Ben more. I also think new shoes would help, new shoes are the answer to everything, right?

I'd love to credit who made this, but I don't know.

If you did run long, do you have a mantra you use to keep yourself going when you'd rather stop? Or to help yourself make it up that climb?

I wish I could think of a better word to use instead of mantra, since I'm not Buddhist and these are not "sacred" phrases, but everyone refers to the words or phrases they repeat to themselves to help power through as mantras, so we'll go with it. Oh, maybe mottos?

1. Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running. Said like Dory in Finding Nemo. Husband likes this one and so do a few other runners I know. I've even seen shirts with it printed on them.

2. Don't Walk or No Walking. Similar to #1 but for some people saying what not to do works better than saying what to do.

3. Run Your Run. This is what I have stamped on my RoadID and I first saw it on a shirt, but the idea is something we've heard before. This is your run, run it for yourself. Don't worry about what others are doing or what they might be thinking about you. Don't compete with them, compete with yourself.

4. Shut Up Legs. Maybe not so much of a mantra, but this Jens Voigt phrase is pretty popular lately. For the tired, sore legs at the end up a run, telling them to shut up can boost your confidence to conquer the discomfort through the last few miles. If it's really pain you're feeling though, you should probably take a walk break to assess the situation; you don't want to risk injury.

Found on Pinterest which is terrible for crediting the original

5. Run Happy. Yep, the Brooks slogan works for some runners as a reminder to stay positive.

6. The Faster You Run The Sooner You're Done. This is a good one for shorter distances or to keep you from slowing down towards the end of a long run.

7. You Don't Train for Hills by Walking Them! It can be so tempting to walk up those hills, but how are you going to improve your hills if your don't train for them?

8. 5 More Minutes. You can do anything for 5 minutes, right? This can work with any length of time, and when the time is up, do it again. Visual markers also work this way. Pick a lamp post or mailbox in the distance and repeat, "green mailbox, green mailbox," or whatever it may be, then when you get closer, pick something farther away.

9. This Too Shall Pass. This one kind of speaks for itself. While I like this one, I can't help but hear it in Gandalf's voice, as he's saying, "you shall not pass!" That's probably just me though.

10. I Can Do This. Simple and to the point self-encouragement.

11. This is What You Trained For. More of a race-day mantra, this one helps you remind yourself that you've put in the work and you're prepared.

12. Relax. If I'm having a hard time keeping myself going when I want to quit, I often find that I tense up my muscles, especially in my shoulders, neck, and face. Reminding myself to relax, and actually doing it, makes the run a lot easier.

13. Run the Mile You're In. This is my current favorite mantra. Don't think about the miles yet to come, just work on the mile you're running right now. When you're done with that one, run the next. Take your run one mile at a time.

Do you use a mantra when you run? If so, share it in the comments!

I've also found that praying through a tough run helps, I did that a lot when I first building up to a 10k. I would also give myself pep talks outloud complete with arm gestures. People may have thought I was crazy, but it got me through! Actually, most of that was at night and there weren't many people around.

There are songs that can really help push through a run too, some call these "power songs." You'll have to wait for another day to get my list of power songs though. You can Subscribe to Run. Write. Mom. by Email so you won't miss a post. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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