Thursday, August 20, 2015

8 Best Things to Run With

My Nathan Speeddraw Plus, Insulated!

I'm not going to say silly things here like "a good attitude," though, if you feel that way, good for you. Sometimes a run is the best thing for a bad attitude. Anyway, here are what I believe to be 8 of the best actual, physical things to run with.

My Roadid Slim
1. ID - This is probably the most important on the list and one of the few things, after shoes and a sports bra, that I say are essential to take on a run. I use a Road ID and highly recommend them. I even bought another one when I was pregnant so that if anything happened where I was unable to communicate, anyone who read it would know I was with child.

2. Garmin (or other GPS enabled device) - Definitely not essential, but I'm a data lover. I just have the cheap, entry level Forerunner 10, but it gets the job done. You could also use an app if you run with your phone and track your workouts that way.

3. Hydration - In cooler weather, if I'm well hydrated before my run, I can do up to 6 miles without drinking anything. On longer runs or in our hot and humid Florida weather I usually bring a handheld (pictured above), even if it's an organized group run with water stops. If I don't, I spend the last mile or more wishing I had. A couple weeks ago, I desperately drank from someone's hose and it tasted like fertilizer. I'm still alive but I don't like being that desperate, so bring water! Oh, and I'm not a big Gatorade fan, too much sugar; I use Nuun, which are effervescent (think Alka seltzer) electrolyte tablets, just make sure to give it a few minutes to dissolve before closing your bottle.

4. Headband - When I had longer hair this was more for fashion if I wore one. Now that I have shorter hair, not all of it reaches my pony tail or easily slips out of it when I run. I recently wrote a review about my favorite so far, Sweaty Bands.

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle
5. iPod - My iPod shuffle is probably my favorite piece of running gear (thanks husband!). After I killed two iPhones and one iPod Touch by exposing it to heat/humidity/sweat while running, I found out about Underwater Audio, a company that waterproofs iPods for swimming and other activities that expose them to water. I also just bought a pair of Swimbuds from them after my previous, supposedly waterproof, earbuds died. Review of both of those items coming soon!

Going hand in hand with the iPod (and useless without it, so it doesn't get its own number in this list) is something to listen to. I make special playlists just for running, you can check out my country one here. If I can find something to occupy this wiggly 3 year old, I'll be adding another playlist post today. I've also found some podcasts I like to listen to on long or solo runs, Serial and Spilled Milk are two of my favorites.

6. Sunglasses (if the sun's out, of course) - I went a long time sans sunglasses because I'm easily irritated by things on me when I run (any excuse to quit). However, I have light eyes and a recent fear of wrinkles so I decided sunglasses were a must to protect my eyes and fight off crows feet from squinting. Plus, once I started biking, the reasons to buy a good pair of sports sunglasses were multiplied. Being a little afraid of dropping them on a ride or run, I went with an economic choice in Tifosi Radius and have been very pleased with them, though I would still a nice pair of Smiths some day.


7. Light or a Reflective Vest (if you're running before or after the sun) - If you don't need sunglasses, you probably need some kind of light so you can see, or at least something to help other pedestrians and drivers see you. The little reflective Nike Swoosh on your shorts is not enough, people. Stay safe and make sure others can see you. Okay, when I go on group runs I don't always take something because I know that other people will. When I do take something I like my Roadnoise vest or my Knuckle Lights. Some of the ladies in my running group use headlamps, armbands, or the Nathan Light Spurs. Find something that works for you and you're comfortable wearing.

8. Friends - Now the sappy one, yes, friends are great to take on a run. Having someone running along side you helps the miles go by (quicker? easier? better) and provides encouragement in meeting your goals. Running with friends is still new to me but it's been great so far; read about my experience here.

What do you like to take on your run?

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  1. I SO need to start running again and just plain work out. I def need a water bottle and my iPhone, although I tend to prefer gyms bc I'm not a fan of the outdoors lol.

    1. No outdoors? That's too bad I can't imagine running inside all the time. It is nice to watch a Netflix while on the treadmill every once in a while though.

  2. Tissues. Just a few. They weight next to nothing but have lots of uses, e.g. something in the eye, bites and scratches, something stuck to shoe sole...

    [Good list, by the way!]

    1. Thanks for the comment Phil! I never would have thought of tissues, though for me they would just get soaked unless I put them in a ziplock bag or something.


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