Monday, August 17, 2015

My First Baby, My School Boy

How was your weekend?

Will's first day of Preschool
Mine was full of a little boy asking if he was going to school today. Will started VPK on Friday and all weekend he was ready to go back. He's been excited about going to school for a year now, partially because he wanted to ride a school bus (I blame the "Wheels on the Bus" song). Unfortunately for him, his school doesn't have buses and we live close enough to walk (and we do!). He loved it anyway. He does this thing where he gets so excited that he just doesn't know what to do with himself and starts jumping around and flailing his arms; he did that yesterday when I told him he gets to go back to school tomorrow. It's so funny to see him that excited, when is it they start to hate school?

Getting him to share what happened at school is pretty difficult though, he is four after all. At first when I tried to ask him, he just says "I don't know." Eventually, by asking more specific questions, I did get some bits and pieces. He didn't play with any kids because he doesn't know them (he actually does have two friends who are in his class), and he didn't talk to anyone because he doesn't know their names. So this weekend we practiced saying, "Hi, I'm Will, what's your name?" Oh, he did say that he talked to one boy to ask for a toy. He's always been good at jumping right in to play with other kids at the park, and is always disappointed when there are no other kids at places we go, so hopefully this week he'll start making some friends. It's strange to think that at this young age, he could start developing a friendship that could last a lifetime. I never had that, but I know several people who have known their best friend since preschool.

He also told me that the boy across from him cried, which we determined was because he missed his mom. Will missed his mom too but he did not cry. He liked his teachers and he colored a picture of a school bus but told his teacher he would finish it at home. He's always been a "save it for later" kind of guy. He accidentally saved his snack for later too, meaning he ate part of it and didn't realize there was more in his bag. So now I look like the mom who just sent her kid cookies and nothing else. There were strawberries and cheese in there too!

Later Friday, he started singing a song he learned at school about a fish biting his finger off, what?! Ha, I had never heard that one before, so I googled it and it's a counting song.

He really liked it and liked watching the video. Of course, the next day, he didn't have any idea what I was talking about.

There's something so strange about having a kid in school now. I mean, sure, I've already been a parent for over 4 years, but there's something about sending him to school that really solidifies my parentness, parenthood?

Silly kid
I did NOT cry by the way, I thought I would and I had moments during the few hours he was gone where I felt close, but I didn't. Now, this being the first week when he'll be gone for a few hours every day might be a different story. Lorelai handled Friday a little better than I thought. The first thing she asked when she got up that morning though was, "Mommy, am I four?" Of course, she wants to be four because she knows that's how old she has to be to go to school and she wants to go to school with her brother. She gave Will a good hug when we dropped him off and they held hands when we picked him up but during that time in between she did not want to talk about him being gone. What am I going to do next year when they both could be in school and it's just me and Ben at home? I just like to think about the positives, like how I could go for a run and just push the single stroller instead of the double!

Have your kids started school yet?

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