Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Pretty Pretty Princess is 3! A Special Birthday Post

Mom post! Today, my favorite girl is 3 years old. Lorelai, my baby girl is sweet and silly, she wakes up happy (most of the time, at least) with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. She likes yogurt and "delicious milk," she gives nose kisses, and "kissy kissy." She says silly things and last night she told us that something was "pretty cool." She'll also laugh and say, "that is so funny!" She has a crazy, amazing memory, but when she calls something by the wrong name, she tries to play it cool, like she meant to do that.

Sometimes, she'll ask you to sing a song, or say a phrase where she knows what you're going to say and she'll move her lips along with what you're saying. I've never seen a kid do that, it's different and cute. She can say her ABCs and count to 12! Her favorite color is "pink and purple," her favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." If you ask, "whose girl are you?" she'll say either mommy or daddy. She just now told me, "Mommy, I'm Daddy's birthday girl." Last night she would cover her face and say, "where's the birthday girl?" She's so smart, and has been talking really well, in full sentences, for about a year now.

She gets startled and then laughs. She takes it too seriously when her dad jokes about throwing her brothers away, very protective. Her most requested show for months has been "the whole family show with the baby in it," in case you don't speak Lorelai, that's what she calls Alexander and the No Good Terrible Really Bad Day, of course Frozen still tops the list too. She learned to make the "Penny face" from Mr. Sherman and Peabody. She wants to watch girl shows (like Strawberry Shortcake, not boy shows, but she loves playing Hulk and Spider-man with Will and Daddy, and at church with "my Charlie." Lately, she's started anouncing things before she does them, starting with "ladies and gentlemen," except it comes out "ladies and jello-men." Isn't that the best? She even talks in funny accents.

Lorelai likes being my big helper with breakfast and laundry. At the grocery store, she loves pushing the little carts. When she doesn't want to do something though, she makes sure you know it, she can be very stubborn and dramatic. She makes up for it with awesome dance moves and songs she makes up. She's impressively strong and a tough little cookie. She can pick up my weights and wants to hold her little brother (who only weighs 4lbs less than her) but wants to give him back in 2 seconds. Her face and voice when she asks for something is the hardest to say no to.

I thought about sharing her birth story today, but I think I'll go with the super short version. When I think about it though, there's not really a long version. Two pushes ladies! Two pushes in two minutes and I was holding the sweetest baby girl. I started having contractions around 3:30pm and four short hours later she was born. How can you beat that? Definitely the easiest of my three, that means she'll be the easiest teenager, right? One can only hope, but let's not talk about raising a teenage girl, she's three! Right now, she's perfect. I want to bottle her up.

Now who wants to come to a Strawberry Shortcake, Dora, Minnie Mouse, Princess, Pig, Cow, Farm birthday party?

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