Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shebeest Women's Triple S Cycling Short Product Review

Shebeest Triple S Cycling Short
The Facts
Shebeest first interested me when I found out about the brand being made by women for women. Like FUBU but for women's bike clothes, right? The Triple S is Shebeest's #1 bestselling short. The fact that surprised me about these shorts though is that they are made in the USA. How awesome is that? My Pearl Izumi shorts are pretty great, but they're made in China. My Lululemon bike shorts are decent, I don't even know where they're made.
The Triple S Cycling Short has a 7" inseam (my size small actually measures right at 6") and an 8 panel anatomical design. The chamois is their "SheLastic" design and comes in two different sizes to stay in proportion with the short size. The "DriStyle" fabric is moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and put together with flat-lock seams.

Cycling faux pas: visible panty line, in my defense I just took this photo for this post and that's a swimsuit cause I'm training for a tri. BOOM.

The Meat
I've worn the Triple S short on a few short rides, but I mostly use these shorts for rides over 30 miles. On shorter rides I can get by with a tri short or other cycling short, that way I don't have to do laundry so often in order to always have my Shebeest shorts ready for a long ride.
Leg grip
The dotted leg grip at the hems are more comfortable than the grips on other shorts I've tried and I mostly don't even notice them. The grip on some shorts seem to pull at the skin on my leg, and sure, that means the grip is holding, but it's just not comfortable, I don't have that issue with these shorts and they still stay in place. One review I read on Amazon before buying these complained about the length being too short. I'm an average height women of about 5'4" and I think these are a perfect length, though I wouldn't want them any shorter.
The chamois comes farther forward than in other shorts I've tried, so it feels weird at first but if you ride in a very "aero" position I'm sure you would be very thankful for the padding there. I do still find myself adjusting to relieve pressure on the lady bits after 20 miles or so but this is my favorite chamois of any shorts I've tried. It's cushy without feeling like I'm wearing a giant maxi pad.
"SheLastic" Chamois
The body of the shorts have some compression, but I don't feel squeezed into them at all. They move with me very well and stay comfortable even after riding for several hours. I sweat, a lot; there are times when I go for a run and my whole outfit will be soaked when I get home. Soaking sweat through my clothes isn't as much of an issue with cycling to begin with, but with these shorts even less so. They do get damp around the chamois, but dry fairly quick.
One issue I do have with these shorts however, is the rise. I feel like I'm wearing mom jeans. Maybe this could be mitigated by wearing a smaller size but since I'm used to cycling clothing running small, I ordered a size small, instead of the extra-small I typically buy in non-athletic shorts. I definitely feel like they could be tighter without being too tight, and maybe I would get more compression out of them. The waist hits just under my belly button though, and I don't know how much a smaller size would affect that. It's funny because reading the specs of the shorts it states that they have a "slightly lower rise," I'm not sure what the comparison is for that; slightly lower than what? In Pearl Izumi tri shorts, I wear a medium (though I've lost some weight since I bought those and could probably go down to a small now) and don't have an issue with their rise. Oh, and the tag in the back of the Triple S short is cute, it says "Be who you are," but it itches something terrible.
Cute but itchy tag. Made in USA!

The Shebeest Triple S Cycling Short runs true to size, not small like other cycling clothes do, so if you buy them online or in another situation where you can't try them on, get your normal size. I love that these shorts are made in the USA. If you have to opportunity to support your home country, the only thing that would make me do otherwise would a sub-par product or a too high price. The Triple S short is in no way sub-par and the price point falls right in line with that of other quality cycling shorts. These shorts have gone at least 180 miles with me so far and I expect to get a lot more out of them.


  1. I love this blog! It's fantastic! The name is really interesting and beautiful and the contain is great! Congratulations :D (i don't speak english very well, hope that everything i wrote is correct.

  2. How awesome is that? My Pearl Izumi shorts are pretty great, but they're made in China. My Lululemon bike shorts are decent.Edward


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