Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bike Rides, Books, and Babies: The Day I Did All the Things

Is it the weekend yet? I think I did more yesterday than I normally do in a whole week. Yet, I still didn't get any of those nagging tasks done, like oh, laundry, or cleaning the bathroom.

When my alarm went off at 5:30, I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until husband's alarm went off at 7. That doesn't happen often, but it's a good thing it did considering how full my day was. I tried to put together a quick post, but ran out of time and didn't publish it until later. After we walked Will to school, I fed Ben and loaded him and Lorelai up in the bike trailer and met a friend for a ride around the neighborhood.

Sister and brother bonding time, when you're a little brother sometimes you have to wear your sister's pink helmet.
Man, it had been a while since I used the bike trailer. Now that I think about it, I've never used it with my road bike and I can't imagine how much harder some of those hills would have been had I been on the mountain bike I used to use it with. It was Ben's first time on a bike ride and he must have like it 'cause he was quiet and fell asleep. I think Lorelai may have even slept a little bit. She was so cute talking to herself and him, and a couple of times I looked at them they were leaning on each other and there was only one little fight. We rode about 13 miles and my legs started yelling at me about it last night.

After our bike ride, I took the quickest shower ever so we could make it to the library for story time, which Lorelai LOVES. Ben spends most of it wandering around and trying to steal other kids' snacks and moms' purses. He's very social. I told Lorelai she could pick one book to check out since we had to leave to get Will, then I realized I didn't have my card or ID, so we couldn't check a book out. So we said goodbye to friends and went to get some lunch.

I've been craving Dr. Pepper when I work out lately, so weird. Lorelai wanted "cheeseburger spider" though, so I settled for a Cherry Coke from Wendy's, which is a close second. We're trying not to get fast food much, but we had to pick up Will and go straight to Ben's well visit with the doctor. We never know if the doctor is going to be a 30 minute thing or over 2 hours, so when it's at lunch time, we get lunch before. His check-up went well, we came home and I finished yesterday's post.

Will's PiYo reenactment
After I got the kids down for their naps, I did PiYo Sweat. I'm really feeling that one this morning. Will woke up while I was doing it and decided he was going to do it with me. It's kind of cute, but also annoying because our living room isn't that big and he think my yoga mat is for sharing. I'm proud of myself for not getting mad at him and just letting him do it though. Then I proceeded to eat all of the things.

Husband had practice at the church after work, so he took Will and Lorelai with him and Ben hung out with me while I continued to eat all of the things. Then I made a meatloaf which I just found out that husband left in the oven (turned off, thankfully) all night long. There goes trying not to waste food. When husband got home from practice, I took my second shower of the day and met another friend for coffee.

I'm always nervous ordering at Starbucks, it's out of my comfort zone. This time I forgot to order decaf, so I was up until 1. Of course I ate all the things again. I'm going to start counting calories again today. It's annoying but it works and I hate that I've gained the 7lbs back that I lost during my Whole30, though it's probably just water and bloat from starch.

When I stay up late, I wish I had the motivation to get some reading done, but instead I watch TV. I'm watching Heroes again on Netflix, so I'm refreshed before the new series starts.

I slept in a little again this morning and missed my run. I have a sore throat, an ear ache, and I'm sore all over, ugh. I've occasionally let a bike ride sub in for a run since I'm training for a 20k and a triathlon at the same time, so I don't know if I'll make up the 4 miles I missed this morning. I really need to swim, so maybe I'll see if I can work that in today.

So, yeah, that was a really full day for me. Sometimes I like days like that, I feel more productive. I think I'm paying for it this morning though.

Enough about me. How has your week been so far? Any crazy workouts or packed schedules?

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