Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dates, Bikes, and White Jeans Before Labor Day

Hey, it's Tuesday! How was your long weekend? At least, I hope you had a long weekend. Do anything fun? BBQ, vacation, wear those white clothes you're supposed to put away now that it's past labor day?

 Yeah, me either. Well, except I did wear my white jeans.

Risk taker! White jeans and blackberry sauce, I'm a daredevil!

I've been feeling pretty miserable since Thursday. Apparently the slightest change in my antidepressant makes my immune system go haywire. The times when this has happened before, it's been because of a change in dosage or a switch to a different medication. All I can figure that happened this time was I slept later than usual 2-3 days last week and therefore took my medicine an hour or two later than I normally would. Now I feel like I have the flu. I'm achy all over, tired, sore throat, headache, and while I can breath okay, I feel major head congestion. This is the absolute worst thing about being on antidepressants. I feel miserable.

Needless to say, I didn't get to do most of the things I wanted to get done this weekend. No bike ride Saturday; well, I did manage to roll around a little with the kids on the paved trail at Tom Brown Park, then felt terrible afterwards. I even missed doing my long run. I hate missing a long run when I'm on a training plan, it's so important. I especially hate missing this one, since I had already substituted last weeks long run with a bike ride and this coming weekend is my triathlon, so if I even try a long run the day after, it will only be a 6 miler. That means that the following week I need to run 11 miles with my last good long run being 8 miles three weeks earlier. Ugh.

I just hope I feel better before the triathlon, I don't want my first to be a miserable experience. I keep debating the possibility of switching to the duathlon instead of the tri. I haven't checked it that's allowed yet. I'm so nervous about the swim though, I haven't trained for it near as much as I needed to. I keep having the idea in the back of my head that maybe the conditions will be bad and they'll cancel the swim, that way I won't have to chicken out. I wouldn't want that for those who are looking forward to the swim, I know that's some people's strong area and they'd be really disappointed. I just keep telling myself that people have done triathlons feeling worse than this.

I'd also hoped to finish reading Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman so I could write a review but my brain wasn't up to reading more than a Facebook status. It's good though. I also have a cycling jersey review and some running shoe reviews coming up. I did manage to re-watch the second season of Heroes, so there's an accomplishment, haha.

Anyway, what else can I share that's positive? I did manage to get a 3 mile stroller run in yesterday, a big accomplishment with the way I'm feeling.

Can my husband take a serious photo?

Friday was the 6th anniversary of my first date with husband (should I have lead with this?). We call it our "first-dateaversary" and every year we try to recreate our first date. We go to Ted's for an amazing bison burger, husband even wears the same shirt. After dinner we go to the trail at Piney Z (Lake Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, to be exact) and usually go for a walk in the dark. We haven't done the walk every year, or have just done a shorter version, because of pregnancy or having just had a baby. This year we skipped the walk because of how I was feeling. Instead, we had ordered a dessert to go and took it out on one of the floating docks and ate it while looking at the water and staring into each others eyes, oooooh. One thing that was very different this year is that it was light the whole time we were out there, since we went earlier than usual. Our original first date included a long drive for a walk along the beach, but since we have kids at home now, we don't do that every year. This year we did go a for a nice drive though before heading back home to watch a movie. It was a good night, I just wish I had felt up to doing more.

So, our weekend was pretty good all-in-all. I didn't get to do the things I had planned but we still had some fun as a family.

How was your weekend? Did you have Labor Day off?

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