Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Shows

Let's talk about TV for a minute. For a while I tried to keep the number of shows I watch pretty low. I think it was in Organized Symplicity that I read about keeping it to about 5 shows and I tried that for a while. Now I'd have to count to see how many I really watch. That being said, there are only a couple that I watch regularly. Other shows I watch on Netflix or Hulu, well after it's aired live.

Blindspot, soooo good
If I had seen the show before I got my hair cut last...
This fall there weren't many new shows to premier that seemed very interesting to me, just one really. When we first saw the commercials for it, husband thought it seemed dumb, I think his idea was "how much can you keep going with that?" but he's come around since seeing it a couple of times. What show, you say? Blindspot! I've actually watched it live the past 3 weeks, which I never do (except for football, of course). I don't know why I do this really. It's thrown another wrench in my running since it comes on a 10pm Monday nights, that means I'm up past 11, making it super hard to get up and run at 5 Tuesday morning. It doesn't even make sense. I don't know anyone else who watches it, so it's not like they can ruin it for me. Even if I did know another fan, very few people I know watch live TV. Plus, we don't have cable, I watch it using a digital antenna and the reception is terrible. Why do I do this?

Spader is such a great actor
That's the only show I watch live. I can't say it will stay that way though, last season I watch Grimm live quite a few times and it starts back this week (I think?). The show I'm most addicted to lately is The Blacklist. I've been watching it on Netflix and it's so hard to stop after just one episode (spoil it for me and I no longer know you!)

Extant is another one I'm into, but I need to catch up on. It's a little more difficult since husband and I watch it together and we never seem to sit down and watch a whole show together anymore. We do manage to watch football, though it never seems like we watch a whole game. We've had other shows that we would watch together on occasion and also watch seperately but then husband ruins them for me by getting ahead. Once Upon a Time is one of those, now we just don't talk about it. I think I want to like that show more than I actually like it, it's good but I'm not hooked. I also like Bones and was hooked on it for a while but it hasn't got me back in its grasp this season.

As you can see, I mostly like crime/suspense type shows. I do like Brooklyn 99 and The Mysteries of Laura, which are crime/comedy but no good old sitcoms right now. Do they even exist anymore? Oh, there's The Last Man on Earth, which I like okay. Husband likes it more than I do.

Funny, but more of a guy show
What shows have you been watching? Any you're hooked on? What's your favorite genre for TV shows?

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