Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Tour of My Birthday Gifts

Money! Money I already spent, of course 'cause that's how I roll. I bought a GoPro and a pair of Hoka One One Huakas. The GoPro I got was part of a starter pack from Amazon and included a head strap and a 32GB (the largest it can take) micro SD card. I've also ordered a bike mount for it and a kid's chest strap to capture some awesome toddler videos. I think I may attach one of the adhesive mounts it came with to the jogging stroller. Might be a little boring, but we'll see. I've already got some really cute videos from Ben (16 months) walking around with it in his hand, so the kid's chest mount will be great.

I haven't ran in the Hokas yet, I haven't been running much at all really. When I have ran lately though, it's been in the Mizuno Inspire 12s I got through a campaign with FitFluential. I wasn't expecting to like them much, but they are pretty comfortable and I have no complaints so far. I'm curious how I'll like running with the GoPro using the head strap, I'm easily bothered by things when I'm running so I'm expecting to not like it. I have this idea that the chest mount would be better than having something on my head since I've ran with vests on before and it seems like it would touch in similar places, but I at least want to give it a try before I buy another accessory.

One gift that I have ran with already is my new Garmin Forerunner 620! That was my gift from husband, and the first gift I received. We found a great deal on Craigslist for one that had barely been used and is in excellent condition. I love it so far and I haven't even used it with the heart rate monitor yet. I have ran with a heart rate monitor before though, so I know what to expect in the comfort department with that strap. I do need to figure out how to change the zones and max hr though, as this morning it kept alerting me that I was in zone 5 (167-181) on my easy 3 miles. I have a high resting heart rate, so those formulas to get your max don't usually work for me.

I also got a book from my sister, yea books! And I'm getting an oil diffuser kit from my in-laws. We went out to eat twice on my birthday, with my in-laws for lunch at one of my favorite seafood restaurants and then husband took me on a date for dinner to Liam's where I had an amazing steak.

We had a yard sale on Saturday and while we didn't get rid of some of the bigger things I hoped to, we did get closer to being able to park in the garage again and made a few bucks. Some of my family visited Sunday and helped paint our garage door and shutters, so that's another item checked off of my birthday wishlist.

Now if I could just get my bedroom painted and organized.


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