Friday, October 2, 2015

Five Things Friday: Birthday Wishes

I haven't done a Five Things Friday yet, and I figured since next Friday is my birthday now would be a good time to start. Since I already got the number one item I wanted for my birthday (Garmin 620!), here's 5 more things on my wish list:

1. GoPro Hero - So many time when I'm running trails or biking I wish I had a GoPro. I've got GoPro gold material here. The entry level model is completely fine, it's only $139 including a SD card and head mount. Other mounts would be great too, especially a bike mount and chest strap. I actually see myself using a chest strap more than the head strap.

2. Running shoes - Always running shoes! A runner can never have enough. Which shoes do I want though? I'd kind of like to get something other than Saucony to review, since that's most of what I have, but I tend to stick with them cause they fit me so well. I've been looking at the Kinvara 6 or Mirage 5. Other than Saucony, I've been curious to try something by Hoka One One.

3. Books/Amazon gift card - Just like a runner can never have enough shoes a book worm can never have enough books. Even if I had more books than I could read in a lifetime, I still would want more. I imagine heaven having the largest library and spending endless amounts of time reading to my heart's content. I have plenty of books on my Amazon wish list.

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4. Essential oil diffuser and oils - Gimmicky? I don't know, I figure it's worth a try and at least will make things smell good even if the other claimed benefits don't come to fruition. I'm not willing to pay for one myself though, so it would make a good gift.

5. Can you believe it's actually hard to come up with 5? I'm sure my husband is in shock over this and just for that I'm going to say something for him to do as number 5. I want a clean and painted bedroom! While you're at it, paint the garage door and shutters too. And make the garage so I can park in it again. Oh, and take me out for a nice dinner. I love you!

So, what are you going to get me? Just kidding, or am I?


  1. Hope you had a great birthday! I would love to get a GoPro! Seems you can get some pretty cool shots with one. You are so right about running shoes! We can never have enough! :)

    1. Thanks Sharon! My birthday is actually this week (in two days!) but thanks in advance :) I didn't realize how affordable the cheapest GoPro is, I might get the GoPro and a tattoo! Don't tell my mom though.

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    A quick note about the GoPro chest mount.

    If you are bosomy, it can feel really uncomfortable and makes you look really really really ridiculous. I set mine to my son in California.


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