Thursday, October 22, 2015

GoWill Does Geyser Towers at Stone Mountain Park

I decided to make my 4 year old his own YouTube account since his GoPro videos are so awesome. Now he's going to be more famous than me (it won't take much), he's cuter anyway.

I think this is probably my favorite video from our vacation to Stone Mountain Park. Will is wearing a "chesty" chest mount for this GoPro video as we walk through Geyser Towers.

Isn't his commentary the best? I asked him who he was talking to and he said the camera. Smart boy.

I wish we would have got a GoPro video from him going through the kids ropes course "Camp Highland Outpost" that they did next. I guess we'll have to get that the next time we go, there was so much to do there, and the adult ropes course took so long, that we didn't get to do everything. We definitely would like to go back sometime.

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