Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm Happier When...

I started to title this post, "I like myself better when," but I thought that sounded too sad and self deprecating. I'm happier when is better, more positive. I contradict myself a lot. As someone who suffers from depression, I don't put up with people saying happiness is a choice and sometimes no matter how many of these things I do, it doesn't change how I feel inside. Most of the time, they at least help for the moment though.

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I'm happier when...

The house is clean

My children listen to me

I have something to do (and actually do it)

I run

I sleep

I eat healthfully

I finish a book

I cook

I ride my bike

Things are organized

I have money and don't spend it all

I get out of the house

I stay home

We have less stuff

I don't let people down

I can cross something off my nagging to-do list

I write

I have a plan and stick to it

I read a devotional every day

I have something to do

I have nothing to do

I conquer a challenge

My children are happy

What things make you happier? Do you often fail at them?

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