Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Luckiest Girl Alive: Book Review

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, was the book my book club read this past month. Well, three of us read it. Book club is really snack and chat club. Anyway, I read the book, and it was good, so I wanted to share my review.

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Each month in book club, a different person hosts and the host sends out an email with 3 or 4 books to choose from, we all vote and then some of us read the book with the most votes. Luckiest Girl Alive was the one I voted for, so I was excited when it won. I was a little backed up on my reading though and didn't actually start the book until Saturday (book club was yesterday, Monday), but I still finished it! It was definitely a page-turner, which is really a silly thing to say when you actually think about the words.

Luckiest Girl Alive, tells the story of TifAni FaNelli, now an editor at a Cosmo-ish, New York magazine who is about to marry into a rich, upper-class family. Being from the upper-middle herself, this marriage is something her mother has always wanted for her, and something she thinks will really put her above her past. To most of us, her past before high school would seem pretty great, if not fairly normal. It's when she's 14 and gets the opportunity to attend an upper-class prep school that everything changes. I don't want to give away any details, but some pretty gritty things happen to her and that's only half of it.

Her reaction to the things that happen is a little crazy to me, but then I remind myself that she was 14. Fourteen year-olds definitely don't have the best judgement or attitude, but it's her feelings about it all as a 28-year-old that really bothers me. That's my only real issue with the story though; I think TifAni should have matured more. The story is well-written and suspenseful. The characters are all interesting, and the important ones are pretty well developed and given believable back-stories. I typically don't like books or movies that don't have a character I can connect with and this story doesn't even have a likable character, so I was surprised at how I got hooked into it. After the big secrets were revealed though, it did get less interesting to me. I was reading it on my Kindle Fire, so I can say the the last 30% of the book was kind of meh, but still worth the read.

Do be aware though, that there is a lot a bad language in this book. Do teenagers really say the f-word that much? I don't remember hearing it even half that often in highschool. There's also some disturbing sexual elements in the book, so some of you may want to avoid the book for that reason.

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