Friday, November 20, 2015

BOCO Gear Technical Trucker Hat: Product Review

BOCO Gear Technical Trucker Hat

The Basics

Trucker hats have really been gaining popularity in races lately. Every race I've been to lately, whether it's road or trail, I spot more and more of them. While there are several companies cashing in on the trend, BOCO Gear is the creator of the Technical Trucker™, and that's the hat I'm reviewing today. (If you didn't figure it out from the logo, BOCO stands for Boulder, Colorado). They also make different types of hats including beanies for cold weather, a more traditional run hat, and visors (I'll be reviewing a visor soon). All of their products can be customized for your brand/race/team/club or whatever else. One of the first BOCO Gear hats I spotted in the wild was an Ironman branded trucker, and I thought, "man, that's a good looking hat. You can see some other custom items they've done in the galleries on the BOCO website.

Inside of the BOCO Gear Technical Trucker

The hat I'm reviewing here is the women's Technical Trucker in pink/blue, which you can purchase here, for $24. It has a one-size fits most snap-back closure, mesh back, reinforced front, and a wicking sweatband. It's made of performance fabric so that it breathes and dries fast. 

The Down and Dirty

My tough face, I did just run 4 miles
In the few weeks that I've had this hat, I've really been able to put it to the test. It's been unseasonably hot, it's been cold, it's been sunny, it's been rainy; I've worn it on the road, on long runs, on short runs, in the dark, and on various trails. I've even worn it casually.

As a woman, especially a smaller framed woman, many trucker hats can look big and funny on me. This hat, however, is pretty perfect in fit. It is a snap-back design and I have the snaps even, as in no empty holes (see photo), so this should be able to fit a variety of head sizes.

While I had wanted a trucker hat that looked good on me for a while, I'm really surprised at just how much I like this hat. I've worn it nearly every run since I got it. Even after wearing it on trails in the rain, where the brim was dripping with rain drops by the end, it was dry and ready to go the next morning. The inner sweatband take the longest to dry, but even that dries pretty quickly. The sweatband is really comfortable against my skin as well.

I hate when reviews are all mushy, in love with the product, but I do really love this hat. I never thought I would wear a hat that would disappear onto my head; I seriously can forget that I'm wearing this hat, it is that comfortable. Not only is it comfortable, but just look at it, these photos were taken today, after running nearly 50 miles total in it, and the hat looks new still. That's after getting super sweaty and being worn in the rain on trails multiple times! I have not washed it, or even spot-cleaned it. The sweatband only shows a little discoloration and if I look really closely I can see a couple of darker spots on the brim. It doesn't even smell. I expect it to hold up really well and still look good over time.

What surprised me the most about BOCO Gear's Technical Trucker, is that I don't get too hot wearing it. It's been unseasonably hot here lately, in fact, I think we had a record high October, with most days getting into the 80s. I don't usually wear a hat in that kind of heat, I stick with a visor, since it lets the top of my head breathe better. The mesh back of the Technical Trucker kept my head from getting too hot, not as much as a visor would, but still better than I expected from a hat. If it breathes so well in the heat, you may be wondering if it will keep your head warm when it's cold. Well, I'm not big on wearing a hat to keep body heat in when it's cold out, I'm more of a headband/ear warmer wearer, since my head doesn't get that cold and I tend to warm up pretty quickly on runs. I have worn the hat on mornings when it was in the low 50s though, and I don't have any complaints.


BOCO Gear Technical Trucker
If you run with a hat, or would like to but haven't found the right hat, check out BOCO Gear. Personally, and you know from other reviews that I tend to be on the conservative side with money, I think $24 is really reasonable for this hat. It's so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it, it's versatile, and it seems like it will last me a long time. If I absolutely had to pick something to complain about it would be that it's not made in the USA.

After wearing this hat for the past few weeks, I know I will continue to wear it regularly. It makes me want other designs and colors, so I could switch up my look or match my outfit. I would really like to see my local running club get custom trucker hats from BOCO Gear, and would definitely buy one.

I was provided with this hat by BOCO Gear for review purposes, this is not a paid post, and the opinions expressed are my own.


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