Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Let's Go Streaking!

Nope, that's not what "run streak" means

Rough weekend here, how about you? I had my flu shot Friday and then found out the hard way on Saturday that the flu shot can be a migraine trigger. It was a bad one, I lost Saturday completely and wasn't up for my long run Sunday either. So now my training schedule is all off. At least this "long run" was a cut-back week, so it was only 6 miles. Then I went and missed this morning's run as well. I had a headache and a sore throat and somehow I slept soooo good that I didn't even know when the baby woke up (husband brought him to our bed).

It's still fairly early in my training plan, so I'll be fine. I have been a little discouraged lately with my running though. I'm just so slow. It would be different if I had always been this slow, but I haven't. When I first started running, I was consistently under 10min/mile, now I struggle to maintain even that for 3 miles. I really need to stop skipping out on my speed work and do more biking. I know the biking really helped with my endurance while training for my half last year.

I thought I would try something a little different though, that would be a fun challenge and maybe you can join me. Runner's World is doing their Run Streak again, that's where you run for 37 days straight, at least a mile a day from Thanksgiving Day through New Years Day. You don't have to be a runner, if you're in any kind of decent shape you can handle running one mile, so there's no excuses. They also have a plan you can follow if you want to run longer and faster on some days. I'll still be following the intermediate half plan that I've been on and just adding 1 mile days on what would normally be rest or cross-training days. I'll probably improve my mile time with this, maybe? I hope.
Mark Covet ran every day for 45 years straight

Did you know that the record for longest run streak is over 45 years? That's right, years! Not days, not weeks, not months, years! Come on, if this guy can do it for 45 years, you can do it for 37 days. Who's with me?


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