Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review Preview: Upcoming Reviews and First Looks

I have so many products to review for you guys right now that I wanted to make a list of them all. I wanted to do this so you could see what there is to look forward and so I can keep track of it all, ha.

So here you have a little more than just a list, I want to give a few "first look" type comments about each item so you get a sense of what they're about.

Quad Lock iPhone case and "Out Front" bike mount - This is part of a case and mount system that Annex makes for several popular phones. They also have a universal adapter that lets you use the system with any phone they don't make a specific case for. The case allows the phone to lock into several different mounts for running, biking, and automotive purposes by quarter-turn interlocking pieces. So far, so good, seems very sturdy.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 - Not a shoe I would typically choose but I've been pleasantly surprised. This is a supportive shoe for those who over-pronate, yet it's not too firm or heavy. I don't care for the shade of purple though.

BOCO Gear 360 Visor and Technical Trucker hat - Who says a running hat can't be stylish and moisture wicking? I love hats but running hats not so much. BOCO's Technical Trucker has trucker hat style while meeting the demands of athletes. Since it's still so hot here, I've been using the visor more though. I've found it to be more comfortable than my Nike Featherlight visor, and definitely better looking.

Bontrager Flare RT Tail Light - I have mixed feelings on this one right now, mostly because of the experience I had with the metal clip, I'll share that in the actual review. The light itself is super bright though and will definitely get you noticed. You can also get their Transmitter remote and control the light (and it's buddies) through that, if you get two Flare RTs you can even use them as turn signals.

GoPro - Entry level model and several mounts. I had been wanting it for a while and I love it so far. I need to take it out on some trail runs and share those videos.

Bontrager Trip 300 - Small, wireless bike computer that does everything I need. I like that it tells me my cadence and it even syncs with my Garmin HRM that came with my Forerunner 620 and tells the temperature.

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC - This is Wahoo's Bluetooth/ANT+ speed and cadence sensor. Being Bluetooth means that you can use your phone as a bike computer without a ANT+ dongle. Pair this with the Quad Lock case and mount and you're set.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts - This one I'll be posting either today or tomorrow. "Hemp Hearts" are hemp seeds that you can sprinkle on yogurt or salad, or add to a recipe for some healthy, nutty flavor.

Tifosi Radius Sunglasses - I've been wearing these for a while now, it's time for a review. The version I have comes with 3 sets of lenses for various conditions and I have used them all. I use these running and biking and I barely notice that they're there.

e-Cloth Sports/Travel Towel - This actually just came in today, so I haven't had a chance to get acquainted with it yet. It's soft and will hopefully help absorb my enormous amounts of sweat.

Is that it? Seems like there should be something else. Oh well, I have a headache and the kids are napping so I'm going to take this opportunity to lay down myself.

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