Tuesday, December 1, 2015

BOCO Gear 360° Visor Product Review

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed BOCO Gear's  Technical Trucker hat and today I'm reviewing another one of their products, the 360° Visor. I would have reviewed the visor sooner, it's just that I love wearing the hat so much!

The Basics

The name "360° Visor" comes from the fact that the sublimation on the visor goes all the way around. This is nice, so you have a print on the back, not just the front, it's fun. The back is a soft elastic band that is fairly wide. The underside of the bill is black, like most running headwear, to reduce glare. Sitting against your forehead, is a nice, soft sweatband to catch some of that sweat that would otherwise be going into your eyes. The 360° Visor comes in two sizes, one for men and one for women. Like other BOCO Gear products, the visor is customizable for your team, race, product, or what have you. The specific one that I'm reviewing is available through the BOCO Gear website here for $22.

The Down and Dirty

Like I said, I haven't worn this visor as much as I have the BOCO Gear Technical Trucker hat (LOVE), but I've still put it through a good test, wearing it for a total of 18-20 miles. I'm a sweaty runner, and I'm a salty sweater. Often at or near the end of my runs my eyes will start stinging something terrible because sweat is just pouring into them, really makes it hard to finish strong. While wearing the 360° Visor, I've noticed a great reduction in the amount of sweat getting into my eyes. This is one of the main reasons I bought my first running visor (a Nike Featherlight), but I was disappointed because it didn't help much. Now I know that it was just that visor that didn't help, this one does a great job!

Underside of the bill
Occasionally, while wearing the 360° Visor, it feels like it's loose, or not secure on my head, but I think the feeling has more to do with me not being used to an elastic backed visor. I'm used to cinching a visor tightly to my head, not very comfortable. Like the Technical Trucker hat, this visor is just so comfortable that I can forget it's there. I do have to say though, that while wearing my sunglasses with the visor, I experienced some discomfort above my ears, but after adjusting the visor higher on my head it was fine and didn't bother me again. Also, I'm a little distracted by the pink fabric edge that is just slightly visible around the black underside of the bill. It's really bright and just grabs my attention. I noticed that the trucker hat has this as well, but it's much more narrow than on the visor, so I don't notice it.

It's hard to take photos of yourself with an DSLR
As for looks, I like the colors of this visor and the pink floral design on the elastic is feminine and cute. They have more great designs in their online shop, including one that has reflective elements to make you more visible in low light/dark conditions. You can also visit this page to see a sampling of some of the custom visors that they've done.


BOCO Gear has done it again! The 360° Visor is a great product that I would definitely recommend. If you are hesitant to try a non-adjustable visor like I was, you should really give it a try, it's much more comfortable. BOCO Gear's 360° Visor has pretty much everything you could want out of a running visor. It looks good (and we know that's #1, right?), feels good against the forehead, and helps keep sweat, sun, and rain out of your eyes. While the pink fabric around the edge of the bill's underside is a little distracting to me, I know other colors wouldn't have that problem. So, if I wanted to make a custom order (RunWriteMom visors anyone?), I would choose a darker color for that trim.

Do you wear a visor when you run?

Any other favorite headwear?

BOCO Gear provided me with this visor for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this review.

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