Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January: Month in Review

I'm a little late on this one. January brought some training burnout, blogging burnout? No, I think it's just hard to write about running when you're tired of running. Less than 5 weeks to go before my first full marathon!

My leg compression after one of my long runs

I had my longest runs ever in January, Saturday's being 20 miles! I really wanted 22 but I was ready to be done by 13 to be honest. I blame lady problems and I don't apologize for being "tmi" because, really, I could share more and I'm not. I had a nice run through the Southwood area, I should have that part of town memorized soon. It's a good place to run when I get tired of the same ol same ol in our part of town. When you're doing long runs, you need some variety. At least I do. I think running in less familiar area tires me more quickly though because I use more mental energy keeping track of my directions and trying not to get lost. I learned on this run that I do need more electrolytes during my runs.

I used to mix a nuun tablet with my water the night before my long runs but after going without it a few times I realized it was causing me some stomach issues. I've still been using it after my runs as a recovery drink but I feel like on longer runs I need something during. Even though the GU I use has some electrolytes, I'm a heavy sweater and need some more. I think I may try supplement pills and I need to try them soon to see if they work for me before my marathon. Saturday, I felt such a need for salt that when my husband drove by he handed me a tortilla chip to lick the salt off of.

What else happened in January? I tried to find some shoes to wear with pants when it's colder weather, other than cowboy boots 'cause those aren't the easiest to slip on and off. What do people wear? I feel like this is such a Florida problem. I wear sandals or flip-flops 99% of the time that I'm not wearing running shoes. And no, I don't wear running shoes with jeans. I decided on some wingtip oxford type shoes, order 5 or 6 pair and sent all of them back. Well, I still have one I'm thinking about sending back. I also have a pair of loafers coming this week. You don't care.

Last week there was a special guest at my in-law's church, Steve Sampson, who does prophetic prayer. I had heard about him from a couple in our small group and decided to go hear him last Wednesday. He had a really good message and one thing he said really stuck with me, he talked about how the Bible doesn't tell us to accept Christ, it tells us to follow Him. I like that.

Of several issues Sampson asked people to come forward to get prayed for, one was headaches. I have migraines and have had them for years. My last one was one of the worst I've ever had, complete with vomiting and late night phone calls to the doctor and attempts to go to urgent care. So I went forward to be prayed for. The words he shared with me were very uplifting. Unfortunately, I've had a slight headache nearly every day since, not a migraine though. A lot of people would say this is the enemy trying to steal my blessing. Some people said after Sampson prayed over their migraines, they have the worst one they've ever had and then never have another. I know that really fits with the Bible study I've been doing through a Sunday school class at church.

I mentioned before that I was doing the Armor of God study. It teaches that the enemy will attack you in your areas of strength and weakness, and it makes sense that he would try to steal a blessing or any joy. He tries to make you think it isn't real. I think this book and group have been a great part of why my depression has let up some through the month of January. I've been better about praying and studying the Word and the book really makes a lot of sense to me. If you're not ready for the book, try watching the movie War Room, it shares a lot of the same message as the book. I've also been listening to a lot more "Christian" music which helps me stay more positive throughout the day.

You think I'm lame. Oh well, what else? I don't know. My eating has been terrible, so there's that. How was your January? The big event of February is Will's birthday! He will be 5! It's hard to believe.

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