Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Training Burnout

So, I have admitted it, I am tired of running. That kind of sounds like I'm running from something and I'm ready to surrender myself. That's not it. I'm talking about training burnout. Burnout. That's what my grandpa would always say when you asked him how he was doing, "I'm burnout." Well, I'm burnout on running. Marathon training has done it to me. What do you do?


I'm just not used to this level of running, especially for such a long period of time. I've been training since October, October! I'm sure that's nothing to some people. I'm not used to that. I've still been able to keep up my weekly mileage for the most part but it's hard. I keep making excuses and putting it off. Today I was going to run with the stroller but the weather decided otherwise. I have to run today. Have to. I haven't ran since my long run Saturday.

What do you do when you don't feel like running? The first season of Serial podcast was a good motivator for me. I was really interested in it and I would only let myself listen to it while I was running. Really, what other time could I listen to something? I'm a stay at home mom to three little kids. Season two just doesn't interest me much at all. I guess I need to find something else to listen to that gets my attention that much, whether it's another podcast or an audio book. I have other podcasts that I enjoy, which I've mentioned before, but nothing that has me eager to listen to the next installment.

Sometimes reading about running helps, magazine articles or books about running. I haven't really tried that this time. That's a low motivator anyway and I've never used it to fight this kind of burnout because I've never experienced this before. Ugh.

What works for you? What makes you run when you just don't feel like it?


  1. Fear that I won't be able to keep up (I'm not a runner, but I'm training for a metric century). That might not be applicable in your situation. Also, my wedding is coming up and although I bought my wedding dress in the size I am now, I'd love a size smaller. Talk to me in a month or so, when my weekly rides are 3-5 hours. I'm not sure what will keep me going then.

  2. Hang in there-I hate running at the end of marathon training too. I've done it 3 times and really never want to run again...until after the race and I put myself on running probation for 2 weeks and miss it like crazy. The first one is the hard one because of the fear of the unknown. You CAN do it. At this point the training is just helping you to be more comfortable at the end. My "get through it" motivation is a list of 26 things I've done/been through that were harder than the miles that I'm running. I love reading your posts, hang in there!!


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