Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What Was the Deal with Last Week? And a Training Update

I can't believe I only posted once last week, sorry about that. That's the first time that's happened since I started this blog. Why? Couldn't really tell you; I don't know. I could say it was a busy week getting ready for my oldest's (spellcheck wants to correct this to "oldster" which I just think is a really funny word) 5th birthday, but really, I could have made time to post. That didn't take up too much of my time during the week. Can you believe I have a 5-year-old?! I want to give him his own birthday post, so I won't talk about that too much in this one.

Let's focus on what was up with last week. I wouldn't say I was really feeling discouraged with my running, instead it was more on the burnt out front, still. One of my nice twitter followers suggested that my eating and sleeping patterns could be behind it. I'm not going to disagree with that, I certainly could do better in both of those areas and I was at the start of my training. This is also the longest period of time that I've been training consistently and I think that has a part in it too.

Speaking of consistency though, I've failed on that front the past couple of weeks. I only ran twice last week, one of those being my long run of course. I know I would feel better about myself in more than one way if I kept with my training plan, but I just don't want to. Ugh. I also feel that I could run a marathon next week and be able to finish. Sure, it wouldn't be pretty, but I could finish, and really that's my only goal. We'll focus on a sub-4 for my next marathon (wink, wink). My time will probably be close to 5 hours and I'm okay with that. I recognize that if I would have trained better, I would have a better projected time, but I'm just so tired of it at this point.

After a marathon, how long do you take off? What if it's your first? I have a 10k planned a month after my marathon, husband and I have done this race every year for the past 3 years (well, we did the 5k when I was 238437 weeks pregnant with Benny). I'm really looking forward to getting back to shorter distances, but will I train for this 10k? Nope. Though I'm sure I'll run in the month between the two races, I'm going to keep it pretty relaxed and just go by feel.

After that 10k though? I really would like to work on speed. I know I haven't reached my potential here and I'd really like a new 5k PR this year. I kind of hate speed work, but it's a necessary evil. I need to find some way to "enjoy" it if possible. I need to make a game out of it or challenge myself or something. Blah. I also want to get back to riding my bike some. I don't think I've been on one ride this year! I miss it.

What else about last week? Well, I also did a terrible job of keeping up with my Armor of God reading. As in I didn't do any of it. Oh and I ate a whole box of mini rice krispy treats, so there's that. But hey, I ran 22.45 miles on Sunday! So that's something to feel good about. I took my first ice bath. I don't know how effective it was, but how do you know that?

Ice bath w/coffee

Coming up this week I have a review of some shoes (Skora Fit), a book, maybe a post about some music, and definitely a post about the birthday boy.

Oh, and I've gained almost 10lbs in the last 3 weeks, what's up with that?

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