Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Different Kind of Marathon

I should be writing today to tell you about my first marathon and how terrible and wonderful it was and how I'm glad to have done it even though it was miserable and all that. Instead, I'm writing to tell about why I didn't get to run it and all of the miserableness I endured instead.

You might already know I had been having some knee pain and now you're thinking that was the issue. You would be wrong. Oh so wrong. I was actually able to get a cortisone shot in my knee and it is feeling much better! Even so, this race was not meant to be for me. Will, my oldest, had been having some cold symptoms for a few days and Wednesday I started having some body aches. Being that I'm on an immunosuppressant medication for Crohn's disease, I'm an easy target for any kind of sickness. They seem to get me quickly and hit me harder. By Friday afternoon, when we should have been on the road to Albany, I had all over body aches, a fever (and I don't generally get a fever, which I think is also due to my medications), a cough, and the start of a migraine.

I had a tough decision to make. I could take my whole family, including my mom, up to a hotel in Albany and try to push myself through this marathon while trying to get over what seemed like the flu and the after effects of a migraine, or I could call it off and feel like all the training I've been doing since December was a total waste. The fever and my lack of immune system is what really made the call for me. I knew that if I ran with a fever I was going to make myself worse and I would still have little people to take care of whether I ran the marathon or not.

Later Friday night I got confirmation that I had made the right decision. That confirmation came in the form of vomit that followed the worsening of my migraine. My last two migraines have been the worst I have ever had and I've had migraines for many years. I take Vicodin for my migraine pain. It rarely helps. This round, the Vicodin made me sleepy enough that I would fall asleep for about an hour before the pain would be so intense that I would wake up and vomit again. I hate throwing up. Not that anyone likes it, I just really really hate it. I get so anxious over the idea of throwing up that it's almost like a panic attack with vomit as the grand finale.

Even with anti-nausea meds I was still vomiting Saturday afternoon and husband took me to urgent care. I'm always worried when I have to go to urgent care for something that they're going to act like I'm crazy and/or there's nothing they can do for me. Fortunately, that was not the case. They gave me 5 injections of lidocaine into different points of pain in my head (I didn't even know that was a thing), plus an anti-nausea shot in my hip, and a bag of IV fluids. Even though the pain of the injections almost made me vomit again, it all helped. While the migraine didn't completely go away, it was significantly better.

The doctor also wrote me a prescription for a migraine specific pill that I had never tried and when the pain returned the next day (not that unusual for me to have another, milder migraine the day after a bad one), that pill actually made it go away. Though it seems to have this strange side effect of random muscle pains in my legs, it's very much worth it.

Now I have to wrap this up to tend to a needy baby who doesn't feel good. All of that to say that even though I didn't get to run the marathon, my body sure feels like it's been through quite a workout.

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