Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nickels, Dimes, Hundred Dollar Bills: A Training Plan

Excuse me while I don't make sense, can you believe I'm sick AGAIN?!?!

Nickels : 5 cents : 5k, Dimes : 10 cents : 10k, Hundred : Marathon because there is no 26.2 currency. I could have said a quarter and a penny and some fractions of a cent but where's the fun in that?

Anyway, I think I've decided on a full, The Richmond Marathon on November 12. November will be a bit cooler, especially since I'll be traveling north. That gives me plenty of time to work on my 5k and 10k times, so the summer will be all about getting faster. I hate speed work. I was supposed to start a new 5k plan this week but I stayed up too late, wanted to sleep, it was cold (38°!), I didn't feel good, was tired, and just didn't feel like it. That tends to happen when speed work is on the menu; I think of more excuses than usual. This rarely happens with long runs or easy runs since I enjoy them a lot more. You know why? Because I'm an endurance monster, at least that's the category of runners I fit into according to Greg McMillan's book You (Only Faster). (If you're a regular runner, you've probably used his calculator)

I bought the book over the weekend and am almost finished with it now. I was glad I was at my parents when I started it because they have a printer and I don't. Dumb, right? Whenever I want something printed I have to email it to my husband and ask him to print it at work. But I don't really need things printed that often, I guess. I would probably over-print if I had a printer. Anyway, I was able to print out some plans from the Kindle book and the worksheets to customize the plan. I wish I could have bought the physical copy of the book but at $19.99 when the Kindle version is half that? Nope, can't do it. The formatting in the Kindle version is a little goofy, but not as bad as some of the reviewers on Amazon mention; I had no problem reading the charts and training plans. To, me the benefit of having a hard copy would be to fill in the blanks on the assessment questions presented in the book to help you identify the best training methods to implement in your own personal plan. You can definitely do it with the Kindle version though, which is what I did.

Will asked me why I wrote all over this paper, working the plan, dude!
So, I chose the Catfish Crawl as my goal 5k it's May 21, which caused me to shorten my training plan from 12 weeks to 8 but I wanted to start training now and didn't like any of the races 12 weeks from now. So, yeah, I'm a rebel. I've also heard that it's a fast course and a fairly small race (smaller is usually better when you're trying for a PR, and there's a greater chance of getting an age-group award). After using the methods in McMillan's book, this is the 5k training plan I came up with:

My customized training plan

I will probably end up participating in a race on some of those Saturdays though, not really racing per-say, but it's still fun. Who knows, I might really race one and get my PR early. I wasn't really racing when I got my current 5k PR, I even walked some. Weird how that works, I think it's the less pressure thing. I have a couple of 10ks I'll be doing along the way as well and may even do a half somewhere in there.

After my goal race, I have 12 or 15 weeks before I start training for the full. If I haven't got new PRs in the 5k and 10k by then, I'll probably continue to work on speed but either way I think I'll start building my long runs back up. Unless, I've ran a couple halfs (I intentionally don't say "halves" when talking about the race distance, we can talk about that later) in that time, then I won't really need to. Then I'll use the ideas from McMillan's book to customize a plan for a marathon that will fit me wherever I am in speed and endurance at that point. Then, boom, run it. Sounds fun, huh?

Oh and hopefully I'll get up the nerve to actually do some real swim training and do a tri. Just thought I'd throw that in there for good measure. 

Do you have your racing year planned out? Looking for any PRs or hitting new distances this year?

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