Thursday, March 10, 2016

So, What Now?

It's such a let down to have a big goal race planned that doesn't happen. There's not another full marathon that close to home for months. Plus, any other one I found would be more expensive; Albany was only $80! I'm glad it was only $80 especially since that money is just gone now with nothing to show for it. No shows' fees are counted as a direct donation to a charity, I forget which one but I'm glad they tell you that, makes me feel a little better about it.

I did look for another marathon to run soon that wasn't too far away but none of the options really stood out to me. Not that there's many. There's the Tomoka Marathon in Ormond Beach (almost 4 hours away) on Easter weekend. It would be pretty and isn't too far but $120 and on Easter weekend. Who wants to travel on a holiday weekend? Not me. Then there's Destin, which is pretty too, of course, and closer. However, it's not until April 17, a factor not only because it's more time from the end of my training plan, but also because it will be hotter weather. I also looked at the map and saw that it's a double out and back, which just sounds miserable. An out and back I can do, but a double out and back? No thanks, not for my first marathon.

So, I got the idea of doing my very own marathon, just to get it done. I know people who have done it before when their plans fell through. Rock 'n Roll Savannah is a good example, last year the course was closed due to extreme weather before everyone was done and runners were diverted to a shorter route. Talk about miserable. Anyway, I have a route and everything planned (it's pretty too, so there!), but something more important came up, so it can't happen this weekend. Now I'm worried about having too much time between my longest run and my marathon. Husband is pushing it to happen soon though, cause he ordered me something? Maybe it's just not meant to happen soon. I'm still not completely recovered from my illness and I'm worried about my knee as well.

What to do now? I miss running shorter distances. I miss races. Though what's kept me from racing lately is not just training, but money. Running is free, races are not. While races here are pretty affordable compared to other cities, it still ads up and we're on a budget. The next race I have planned is the Springtime 10k, which husband and I have done every year since I started running. Even when I was 1232 months pregnant and he had to push a double stroller and it was raining. Well, that year we ran the 5k. I could run a half in Bainbridge in a couple of weeks, but I don't know. I'm just feeling kind of discouraged.

My original plan was that after my marathon I would take a short break and then start doing some speed work, I'd like to get a new 5k and 10k PR this year. Maybe I should just move on and do that and worry about completing my first marathon later on.

What do you do when your goal race doesn't happen?

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