Thursday, April 7, 2016

8 Awesome Cycling Kits (Jerseys and Shorts) for Women

Dudes, there are so many hot cycling kits out right now. Why do they have to be so pricey? Seriously, if they were affordable I'd buy all of these! As a maximizer shopping for a new kit is torturous. I have to find all the sites with good ones and then find the best of those, check reviews, make sure I check the size chart, shop around for better prices. Wouldn't you know it that after I find a kit I'm totally in love with they end up being out of my size? Happens all the time with all the clothes, not just cycling kits.

Maybe you're in the market for your first kit, or you just want to update you cycling wardrobe, or maybe you just like to see what's out there for when you do, whatever you have going on, I've done so much of the leg work for you (Not the actual cycling leg work, you have to do that on your own) and brought some of the hottest kits out there right here for you to see in one place. (run-on sentence much?)

I've never actually had a complete, matching kit before myself, so that's why I'm shopping for one now. Plus, some companies have just released their Spring 2016 lines, which means you can snatch up some awesome new styles or save on last year's designs.

I love kits with clean line and/or standout designs. Unfortunately a lot of companies that make those are in Australia and shipping is ridiculous, and most of them only make men's apparel. Losers. I have found some awesome women's kits though from quality companies, and here they are:

 Primal Wear's Sound Barrier Women's Helix kit


I love the simple design and bold colors in this kit. My bike it teal and so is a lot of my gear, so this would be perfect for me. I also love the shimmery fabric at the hems.

 Voler's Simplicity Tartan Jersey and Bibshort

 Another simple, yet standout design. Voler has so much to choose from at a pretty affordable price point in comparison to other companies with bold designs. This tartan print comes in several colors and all of them are awesome.

Voler's Ghetto CX Mrs. Stripey Jersey and Ghetto CX Peloton Bibshort
Bold stripes will always get my vote and I love the colors of this Voler jersey. With a black short like this one, you have the option of wearing it with other jerseys as well, like these two below:

 Yes, bold stripes again with Voler's 50/50 Bar Race Jersey and another print I will always love, Voler's Flip-Side is inspired by tie-dye and comes in three colors.

 Smashfest Queen's new Chisel Jersey and Bibshort

This new for 2016 kit is also available with yellow print if you're not into the pink. I love everything from Smashfest Queen and how you can buy all of your additional kit pieces to match. They have matching arm and knee warmers for most of their designs.

I was happy to see that Shebeest has expanded their line. They now carry many print shorts and a ton of fun tops and accessories. This Navajo kit is one of my favorites from them and it's on sale for a great price! I've reviewed a pair of SheBeest Triple S shorts before and highly recommend them, you can read that review here.

Strava's 2016 Kits

Would it be wrong to mix and match the regular 2016 Strava Jersey with the 2016 Strava Premium bibshort? Some Strava kits are like status symbols, well all of them are if the status is "hey, I'm on Strava." Kits like the premium above though, can only be purchased by premium members and then you also have the monthly Grand Fondo kits that can only be purchased by members that have completed the monthly challenge. Whichever choice you make, you'll definitely turn some heads.

Betty Designs' Bloom Jersey and Short

 New for 2016, this multi-print kit has definitely caught my eye. Betty Designs is one of those websites that I go to and dream. This print also comes in a tri kit, which I'm seriously considering. They make it so hard to choose just one, which is why there's another below.

Betty Design's Team Issue Jersey and Short

 I love the stunning, bright pink. The look of this kit is feminine while still being hardcore. You're a woman and you mean business!

There you have it, these are my top 8 picks for women's cycling kits right now. Ask me next week, or even tomorrow and I'm sure it will have changed. Now I have more shopping to do.

Do you have a kit you've been eyeing? Any standout brands I've missed? Let me know in the comments.


  1. These are all so awesome! But you're right about the price. It's so hard to find your size on the good deals. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks for the comment Kristen! Seems like you have to have a good stroke of luck to get the deals.

  2. I just wear regular shorts and a tee-shirt. hehe

    1. And whine about riding a mere 30 miles :P

    2. On a mountain bike. haha
      Actually some cousin shorts would be nice.

    3. Once on a mountain bike, the other time on your new bike. You shouldn't wear your cousin's shorts :P

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