Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five: Confessions

We made it to Friday guys!!!
Today for my Friday Five, I'm going to squash some assumptions by making some confessions about myself.
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1. I've never been to a gym. Okay, there were times we had to use the weight room in high school, and once, at a hotel tiny hotel gym, I used the treadmill. That's it. I don't think I've ever walked inside of a gym otherwise. For one, I find them intimidating, as I do any place I'm not used to going. Second, I don't really have a need to go. Currently, I would like to use a rowing machine or the heated pool at the most expensive gym in town, but it's the most expensive gym in town and I'd have to have child care or pay more for theirs. Running and home workouts work just fine for me.

2. I cannot do a single pull-up on my own. I've never been able too. In elementary school, it was part of our physical fitness test to do at least one, the coach helped me cheat. I could always hang upside down from the bar, flip over the bar in both directions, but never could get my chin above the bar on my own. Husband is supposed to be working on this with me, but he keeps forgetting.

Sleepy, sweat, and smiley
3. I'm a heavy sweater. Not so much a confession as a warning. I sweat a lot. Walking the 5 or 10 yards from the door to the car in the summer and I'm drenched. I have another post coming up about sweating so I won't talk about it too much but really, it's bad. I sweat more than any of the women I run with.
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4. Similar to #1, I've never swam in a public pool. Again, other than a hotel, and I really don't like  hotel pools. Two reasons: Snot and pee. If I want to do a triathlon though I have to get over this. I do feel better about the public pools that are geared towards adults and exercise than I do about hotel pools. I've also never swam real laps in a pool. Sure, we had a pool growing up, but the way I learned to swim is nothing like what I see "real" swimmers do. Is saying "real swimmers" as bad as the whole "real runner" stigma? If you run you're a runner, so is the same true for swimming?

5. I'd like to be a serious age-group competitor. My age group is tough around here and I'm very slow in comparison. Right now I'm a middle of pack runner with a weak mental game. I'd really like to be a contender though and I know I can if I really put in the work. I would need to get my 5k time consistently under 25 minutes, my PR is 28:52. The 3rd place woman in my age group in the last local 5k, ran it in 21:26! That really makes me feel like I suck. I know though, I'm still lapping everyone on the couch, blah blah blah. Don't you just want to win sometimes?

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  1. Gyms should have a dress code in the locker room. Nudity is not allowed!


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