Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five: Favorite New to Me Whole30 Foods

It's been a while since I've done a Friday Five but I was thinking about all the new to me Whole30/Paleo foods I've tried lately and wanted to share.

1. Zoodles - Zoodles are "noodles" made from zucchini squash. I made this for the first time this past week and was surprised at how I liked it. I haven't had real noodles in a long time but they were always one of my favorite comfort foods. I could live on noodles. Now, they actually seem kind of gross when I think about eating something so starchy and full of gluten. I don't have one of those fancy spiralizers, so I just used a vegetable peeler to turn two zucchini into strips of zoodles. I recommend having more than two zucchini though. I heated some olive oil in a skillet and tossed the zoodles in it for a few minutes, sprinkling with salt and testing every couple minutes until I felt the texture was right. I ate them plain but they would hold up to a light sauce as well.

2. Mexican cauliflower rice - Another one that I just tried this week. All the same seasonings and texture as regular Mexican rice but instead of rice it's "riced" cauliflower. I just used the shredding blade on my food processor the rice the cauliflower then stir-fried it in a large skillet with a touch of olive oil, tomato paste and seasonings. I think a can of Rotel would have been a good addition. One head of cauliflower is plenty for the whole family.

3. Stir-fry without rice or noodles - This would have been a ridiculous idea to me before Whole30 but it's totally doable and tasty! Of course, now that I'm a cauliflower ricing, zoodling pro, I could do one of those with it.

4. Endive - When you're eating a lot of vegetables you start to get tired of the same ones all the time. I had never tried endive before and I really liked it with a soft boiled egg.

5. Kombucha - Yes, it is Whole30 approved! I miss my yogurt, but this gives me the probiotic benefits without the dairy. The first flavor I tried was just okay and smelled terrible. The flavors I've tried since (Synergy Guava Goddess is my favorite so far) are much better, but I still try not to smell them when I drink.

Are there any new to you foods you've tried lately?

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  1. The cauliflower rice was pretty good and it tricks you into thinking you're eating rice.

    The Husband


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