Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let's Call This a Training Update

I had a good week of running last week! It was the first time I ran over 20 miles a week since the end of my marathon training, actually since mid February. Not only that but I even rode my bike a few miles with the kid trailer and did a couple of PiYo and kettlebell workouts. My eating plan even went well for the most part; I'm on a roll or something!

We got a lot of rain a couple weeks ago, the track decided it wasn't going to put up with it

Most surprising of all is that fact that I made it to the track this morning for some mile repeats. That's surprising because I dislike speed work and going places I don't normally go by myself (though I did meet some of the MRTT group there). I've only had a little knee pain and I'm not sick!

I still have the problem of getting discouraged by the scale though, since my weight barely budges. I know some people are all for getting rid of the scale because weight and fitness are not the same. For me though, keeping an eye on my weight helps me not overdo it on my eating, how my clothes fit does not. I can go 10lbs in either direction and still wear the same size pants. Maybe I need to look into measuring my body fat percentage instead.

Let's get back to my training update though. I had planned on my goal 5k being May 21st but then the dates were revealed for the summer trail series I registered for and one of those races is on that date. While the trail race is approximately 3 miles, I know that trail races are far different from road races and it's not a place to get a 5k PR. So, I could skip the trail race or I could look for a road race on another date. I haven't quite decided yet, but I know if I chose another 5k it would likely be in July and be HOT. What would you do?

Not knowing when my goal race is throws my training off a bit but at least I'm only competing against myself. I'm glad last week went so well though and this week already has a strong start with 10 miles so far. I need to make time for more bike rides though, it's hard to reestablish the routing after a long marathon training cycle when I didn't ride much. I miss it and I know it helps with my aerobic capacity.

I feel like I have so many things in my head to write about that I'm just babbling, sorry. This is why I should consult my idea list before writing. Of course I'm also thinking about when I can fit a triathlon into my schedule while I'm planning a half and a full in the fall. When am I going to swim?

How is your training going? Any big goals coming up?

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