Tuesday, May 10, 2016

16 Signs That You're A Runner

1. When walking around sightseeing with your family everyone complains that you're walking too fast.

2. While taking in beautiful scenery, your one thought is "man, I wish I had my running shoes and sports bra so I could run here."

3. You carry a "go bag" of running gear everywhere because of #2.

4. Speaking of "#2" (if you're a runner, I don't need to say more, you get it).

5. You plan the rest of your life around your training schedule.

6. You have GU packets (or other fuel) in you cabinets, your purse, your car, everywhere.

7. You wear your HRM around all day because you forgot it was there.

8. You have a different detergent and hamper for your running clothes.

9. You have more than one drawer dedicated to running clothes.

10. 99% of your shoes are running shoes.

11. You have a tan line from your Garmin. Actually all of your tan lines are from running.

12. Food isn't just food, it's fuel.

13. Of course, your Garmin can't be in your "go bag" so you guess you could use your phone "in a pinch."

14. You know how important "anti-chafe" products are.

15. Most of the tape you buy isn't for wrapping gifts.

16. Your wish lists are 90% running related items.


  1. 17. Your tan lines resemble both a farmer's and a deranged person's.
    18. Your familia's vacations jut happen to revolve around a destination race.

    1. So true. Me to my husband, "don't you want to go to Virginia Beach? Yes? So...there's this race..."

  2. That Garmin tan! Sometimes I wore my Garmin on the wrong arm to get some sun on my left wrist. Now I just record runs with my Strava app on my phone so this summer things should even out.


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