Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday 5: Where I Get My Recipes

Since I just did a meal planning/budget update I thought it made sense to do my Friday 5 on places I find recipes.

I've still been trying to follow a Whole30/Paleo way of eating most of the time, so that brings an additional challenge to planning out meals. The rest of my family does not follow this, so at times I skip out on part of a meal I make for them or eat something completely different that I know the kids wouldn't like. Often times, I end up adapting a recipe so that it fits the Whole30 guidelines. This may mean substituting one ingredient for another, or leaving something out all together. Sometimes, I remove a portion for myself before adding an ingredient that is not compliant. One example of doing both is a stir-fry, I make a compliant sauce using coconut aminos instead of soy sauce, then remove a portion or two of meat and veggies before mixing the rest with rice for the rest of the family.

On to the list!

You like my text on this one, don't you?

1. I've been trying some recipes from Tone it Up lately, especially their smoothies. Yes, yes, I know, smoothies are not Whole30, we're supposed to chew our food, not drink it. I have a hard time getting in enough calories to keep up with my activity level. Sometimes chewing makes me want to vomit. Just being honest.

2. Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine - Most recipes are far from being Whole30 compliant but this magazine is still one of my favorites (it's about more than food) and it's not too hard to adapt from.

3. Against All Grain - Most recipes are Whole30/Paleo. Sometimes there are harder to find or expensive ingredients but there are also good compliant recipes for staple items like tortillas. I also have one of her books on my Kindle that I need to use more often.

4. Stupid Easy Paleo - You can find all kinds of Paleo recipes here from staples to the seemingly complicated, but they're all fairly easy to make. Definitely a top choice for Paleo recipes. (I almost put NomNom Paleo here, but the recipes there tend to be a little more complicated)

5. Runner's World Magazine - Maybe an unlikely choice for Paleo recipes but all of the recipes in Runner's World are healthy and they are often compliant. In fact, one of my favorite salad dressing recipes is from Runner's World. One unfortunate thing though is that if a recipe is not compliant, it's far from compliant, like granola. There's no way to make granola paleo, of course. So, it's definitely not a place you should look to for finding Paleo recipes but if you happen to already be a reader of Runner's World don't pass up the recipes just because you're on a specific diet, check them out, they just might be compliant.

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