Friday, May 20, 2016

Training and PRs and Speed Work, IIP!

A week?! Sometimes I can in order for 99% of my tasks to get in order 1% has to take a hit. This week that 1% was the blog (I actually have a shoe review I wrote earlier in the week that I haven't posted yet). I've been doing good on my training goals though! I think I met my riding hours goal last week and the week before, that hasn't happened in a while. I didn't meet my running mileage for the week though, but(!) I did get a new 5k PR!

This past Saturday, I ran the Jeepin' Beach Jam 5k in Panama City Beach. I wasn't planning on "racing" it, and I still don't think I really did, I just felt good and had a good run. We met my cousin Melissa out there and we both went home with medals, so that was great! I tried my new plan of "running by color" that coach Jenny Hadfield teaches and I like it; it works for me. My second mile was actually a little slower than the first, but I still feel like I held true to the colors and effort level. There was just a few more turns and people dodging in the second mile. My 3rd mile was my fastest, which is what you always want in a 5k.

I titled this photo "hair"

My clock time was actually 29:01, which would not be a PR, but this race was not chip-timed and I didn't start at the front. I started near the back/middle and pressed start on my Garmin when I crossed the starting line. Garmin says it's a PR and Strava says it's a PR, so I'm going with it's a PR of 28:42, that's 10 seconds off my previous record. I'm really happy with this since I wasn't really trying for a PR. It makes me feel better about reaching my goal of 25 minutes sometime in the not too distant future.

Due to that confidence boost, I even did some speed work this week! Shocker since I hate speed work. I did 8 x 400 at 10 seconds slower than goal 5k pace with 200 recovery between each. Next week I'll do 10-12 400s at the same pace and then the following week, I'll do 10-12 400s at goal 5k pace. I did this on the treadmill, which is always tougher for me than the track, so it was a good workout yet I didn't even feel that spent afterward.

and this one gums

I got this method of training progress from an article I recently read in Runner's World about IIP, which stands for Introduce, Improve, Perfect. It makes so much more sense than doing a new speed workout every week and I think that's what has been so off-putting about speed work for me in the past. This way I can get comfortable with a workout and improve on it and it's not just like "what am I doing again?" Hopefully this will have me actually doing my speed work, instead of skipping it and wondering why I'm not getting faster.

I'm also not on a training plan right now, which is weird for me. I like the structure of constantly being on a plan, even if I don't have a goal coming up. I think it helps me stay consistent, like a check-list. I'd like to continue working on the 5k goal but now I have to work around the Summer Trail Series that starts tomorrow! And I registered for a triathlon, yep, I did.

Oh, I could talk about my knee too, but I won't bore you too much in one post.

How is your training going? Any goals hit recently or races coming up?


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