Friday, April 27, 2018


Yes, I am having a baby shower for my 4th child. No, this is not how my mom raised me.

You're of course required to have a shower for your firstborn. You may have a shower for your second, IF it is the opposite gender or there is a large gap of time. Any subsequent children do not have a shower unless there is a large gap of time. I did not have a shower for my third, and I didn't really want a shower this time.

However, about a year ago, we gave away 98% of our baby items. We weren't planning on having another baby any time soon. Actually, we do know "how that happens." Thank you for asking! Did you know that the average effectiveness of the 5 most common types of birth control under typical use is only 84%? Someone has to be that 16%!

My sister-in-law offered to throw me a shower and I eventually said yes because we can't afford to buy everything we need. If you don't like it, you don't have to come. If you're concerned that it might look bad if you don't come or don't send a gift, then that's your issue and you have to work that out within yourself. I don't need your approval, I don't even have my own. I just really need stuff for the baby.

While you're being nosy, yes, this is our last child. No, it's not an "oh, you say that now, but..." thing. What business is it of yours anyway? You are not carrying them, you are not birthing them, you are not taking care of their every need every hour of every day. If you need more children around, you go do those things. Likewise, if you're not doing those things then you have no right to comment on us having more children. There are two people who have a say in how many children that we have, it's about 85% me and 15% husband, and then God changes everything.

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