Hi! My name is Reese. This is my about page. I like writing, except when it comes to about pages, but people like for bloggers to have about pages, so here it is. Um, I like lemon scented things, but not lemon flavored things. Oh! I have three kids, they're cute, it almost makes up for the whining sometimes.

People like to see pictures of bloggers too, so here's one of those. I't s a couple years old, but I look pretty much the same. I like this picture because I'm running and I look pretty good doing it. If you're a runner, you know most race photos aren't very flattering, so this is something to be proud of. That's my husband behind me. Behind me. That's my phone on my arm, but I don't run with my phone anymore. I killed two of them with my sweat, plus one iPod touch.

What else do you want to know?


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